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Sunvalley Camp will continue it's policy of leaving no trace.
Our camp mates are committed to leaving no trace at our camp

Before we leave for the playa
A large part of being a clean camp is to be prepared
before arriving. Along these lines, every member will be expected to
extra (industrial strength) garbage bags,
• cheap work gloves,

• a small bag or container to put trash in wherever we wander

• less food than we would normally think we'd need

• and smokers will bring film canisters, altoid boxes, or similar items to use as ash trays.

Members will also be informed not to bring:
• anything like unsecured paper, nut shells, small feathers (e.g. boas),
• or other items that can easily get dropped or blow away.
• any unnecessary packaging, e.g. take the plastic off of batteries at home,
• take dried food out of its box, and so on.
• When shopping, food and drink containers that
• can be recycled and easily compacted are preferred.
• any unnecessary glass (that can break) or items that when thrown
• away that can poke holes in the garbage bags.
When packing vehicles each member should leave extra room for
bringing back extra trash and also leave room since repacking usually
takes up a lot more space than when it was originally packed.

During the event
The general camp philosophy is not to let trash hit the ground and to
clean as we go. This way the camp will already be fairly clean well
before final cleanup. Any MOOP (matter out of place) should be picked
up immediately, regardless of whether we were the ones that put it there.
In general, our camp plans to have a fairly low environmental impact:

There are not any plans to burn anything. But if we do, we will use
a public burn barrel to avoid leaving burn scars on the playa.

• There are also no plans to dig any large holes (larger than rebar)
or any trenches.

• There will be an evaporation pond for our shower area.
Garbage will be divided into recyclables, dry, and wet trash. The camp
will also have a shovel and large broom to help cleanup food accidents.
Since our shade structure will be open to the public for
most of the day, we will be especially vigilant in keeping this area
free of MOOP. In addition to cleaning as we go, we will make it a
daily ritual to cleanup the area just before and after each of
our scheduled events. There will always be plenty of (secured)
garbage bags in the public area for any trash that we find or that
people coming by need to throw away.
Our furniture and anything else that may possibly blow away will be
secured by rope and rebar and since we're a rope camp we will always
have plenty of extra rope on hand for that.
Before we leave
We plan to pack out everything that we bring in. Our shade structure
is created from scaffolding and a parachute, which is simple to disassemble and
take home. The few wood structures that we have are assembled with
bolts and nuts and easy to disassemble and will all be removed in the same condition they
arrived Whether leaving early or staying until final camp cleanup (likely
Monday morning), each member should devote at least one hour for
cleaning up our camp and neighboring roads, and another hour to
more "public" areas such as center camp, the fences, and the open
playa surrounding the man. (Each vehicle should be prepared to take
at least one extra bag of trash away with them.)
About half of the camp will probably stay until the final cleanup
where we will walk shoulder to shoulder back and forth across the
site to make sure every square inch of the camp is 100% clean.
Most of the garbage will be taken back home, but any that we do
drop off will be taken to one of the properly designated locations.
Extra food or drinking water will most likely be donated to DPW on
the way out of BRC.