a guide for those of you who are stuck at home, and confused.
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(updated 9/3/18)

NUT is the father.
COG is the son.
MOM is mom.



Camp Envy |kamp||ˈenvē|
Founded in 2009, Camp Envy (CE) is a virtual theme camp based around the BurningMan web cam. Any person who participates in the chat automatically is a member of the camp. Most chatters, or Nutters (see below) have been to the playa before, and are suffering from a deep sense of depression and anxiety that they could not go to Burning Man.

Nut |nət|
noun 2009
The web camera is mounted on a tower high above First Camp at 6:00 and Esplanade.
In 2009, one of the bolts holding the rigging was missing a nut, which was visible on camera. Online camp members make occasional reference to it.

Cog |käg|
noun 2011
In 2011, an art installation named Exsuscitare Traiectus by Orion Fredericks of Oakland CA, was featured prominently at the keyhole location entering center camp.
The installation looked like a gear or Cog. Online camp members make occasional reference to it.

Kyle |kīle|
person 2009
Kyle was a teenager that temporarily went missing during the 2009 event. His parents went on the BMIR Radio station and asked if anyone had seen him.
He returned home safe. Online camp members make occasional reference to him.

10 Minutes |ten ˈminits|
time 2013
For the 2013 burn, the webcam was down for the majority of the event. It was often felt/hoped that it would return to operation within the subsequent 10 minutes period. It usually did not.

MBM - Motor Bike Matt |ˈmōtər||bīk||mæt|
person 2014-present
Motor Bike Matt was in charge of the Web cams for the 2014-17 events. He and his amazing crew kept a solid signal through many dusty days. Nuters and Coggers shower much praise on him.

audio feed 2016
Motor Bike Matt Radio. In 2016 Matt interacted with the various chat rooms with a live audio feed. Responding to the chat comments, and keeping us company.

Motor Bike Mom|ˈmōtər||bīk||mäm|
person 2016
Matt's Mom would often text him while he was on air, to check to see if he was ok. Moms are like that.

747 |ˈ747|
artcar 2018
In 2015, a group called Big Imagination Foundation purchased a used 747 jumbo jet at Mojave space port and cut it up into 3 pieces. Each year they would drive part of it to the playa. In 2018 the jet was completed and towed around Burning Man as an art car. Some debated whether it was truly art or not. Regardless, it was the largest artcar ever, and an Herculean effort by all involved.

ORB |ˈerb|
art 2018
Danish artists Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange, and I, Orbot installed a giant inflatable Sphere on the playa. It had a shiny reflective surface and COGers refered it as the gold ball, push pin or playa pearl.

COGman |ˈcägman|
art 2018
In 2018 the Man was mounted on a giant gear that looked like the original COG installation from 2011.

Larry  |lari|
person 2018
Larry Harvey was the co-founder of the Burning Man Festival. For 30+ years he was the creative visionary for the event. His philosophy and style are embedded in every aspect of the festival. He also had a good sense of humor, and is mentioned often in chat. Thank You Larry. RIP.

Shirtcocker |SHərt käkər|
epidemic 1996-current
Any male human that wears a shirt but is naked from the waist down. A rare exception to radical inclusion. Particularly egregious when the shirt is Hawaiian or plaid.

Faux Fur Lice |fer līs|
insect 2018
A small, wingless, parasitic insect that lives on the skin of mammals and birds. In 2018 there were rumors of lice being found in burners faux fur clothing and cornrows hair. Since wearing faux fur is essential for cold nights on the playa, the lice were given their own art car to drive around. BMORG ordered immediate crop dusting of the city.

Chat-fatigue  |ˈcät-Fätge|
art 2018
In 2018 there were numerous chat rooms for Nutters to talk. Ustream, Slack, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Freenode, IRC. So many, that nutters gave up monitoring them all and just drank heavily.

Limpy  |ˈlempey|
name 2018
In 2018 the web camera would sometimes sputter and stop, despite tireless efforts by Motor Bike Matt. Chatters affectionaly named it Limpy.

Drone Cam |drōn Kam|
noun 2014, 2018 In 2014 the web cam took flight and broadcasted live images from a flying drone. Online camp members lost their freaking minds, and spit up bacon bits all over their monitors. In 2018 nutters saw regular drone footage broadcast.

UFO | 'ufo|

Noun 2017

There was a scratch on the dome that covers the camera, which was visible on the video feed. Many normal people believed it was an actual UFO over Black Rock City.

#ivankatorium |’evakatourim |

chat room 2017

The Camp Envy chats are usually free of political discussions. Like discussing the transformation of America from a vaguely broken democratically-elected constitutional republic into a dangerous banana republic armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. So for those of you who just can’t resist, the #ivankatorium chat room is the place for you. (-burnersince96)

Space Whale |spās| |(h)wāl|
art 2016
A giant stained glass whale was featured in the keyhole area of the playa. Created by The Pier Group with Matthew Schultz, Android Jones and Andy Tibbetts
from: Reno, NV

Dusty Dome |ˈdəstē| |dōm|
tech 2016

The web cam mounted high above first camp is covered by a clear plexiglass dome that gets coated with dust when the storms go by. This reduces visibility and makes Nutters and Coggers grumpy. Many a staff member has had to go up on a construction lift and clean the dome.

COGtails |ˈcägtəls|
noun 2016
Any alcoholic beverage that is readily available.

COGtext |ˈcägtext|
noun 2017
Chatter often make crazy and inappropriate comments about any, and all subjects. Understanding the context or COGtext is important to avoid taking things personally.

COGsent |ˈcägsnt|
noun 2017
Camera operators are not allowed to zoom the camera too close to burners on the playa. They have an expectation of privacy, and have to consent to be recorded, which is respected. Also, No means No, and NUT means NUT.

Slack |slak|
tech 2016
The newest IRC chat service for Envy-ers to talk, and bitch about being stuck at home. Slack allowed pictures and videos to be uploaded.

tech 2016
Internet Relay Chat. Nutters and Coggers had numerous avenues for chatting in 2016 including Ustream, Slack, Facebook, Familyroom and various others.

Bug-ageddon |bəgs ageodn|
Insects 2015

Prior to the 2015 event, swarms of bugs descended on the playa and the crews setting up the city. The national media picked this up and declared this a disaster in the making, bug-ageddon. As soon as the gate opened the bugs bugged off, rightly realizing that they couldn't score a ticket.

/NICK |nik|
Prefix 2015

In 2015 the live stream was moved to YouTube. However the chat room remained on Ustream. Envy moderator SDmedia created a nifty page that showed the chat, and video stream on one site. In order to use your nickname in the chat you had to "login" by using the /NICK prefix before your name. Many a nutter was confused by this and just ate more bacon.

The Great RV Fire of 2015
event 2015

On Wednesday of the 2015 event, an RV parked on the Esplanade caught fire. Nobody was harmed. We assume it was an unplanned burn. We also assume the rental company was really pissed about it.

The Downstairs |ˈdounˈste(ə)rz|
Place 2015

In 2015 the camera feed moved to Youtube which did not offer a chat room. Many people stayed to chat on Ustream, which was renamed Downstairs. Others ventured off to create their own chat rooms on other sites.

The Souk |siuk|
place 2014
A tented area set up around the Man in 2014. The regional groups set up a marketplace village, put on shows and traded stuff during the week. No Souk for you.

Embrace |emˈbrās|
art 2014
A large wooden installation that looked like a man and a woman hugging. Created by The Pier Group of Reno Nevada. It burned on Friday morning in a rare daytime burn. The drone cam captured much of it, but it's white balance was off, which made the fire look blue.

Unvy |ˈunvē|
state 2014
The transcendental state of Un-ness. From the Greek God Un, the God of the other. Unvy stands in opposition to Envy. Unvies seek to be part of the group, yet separate and slightly cooler in their own understood way. Their future is unknown, yet they are undetered.

MRAC |mrac|
artcar 2013
The Mars Rover Art Car was loosely affiliated with the JPL crew that created the real Mars Rover. They provided a mobile web cam mounted on their Rover art car, and lots of cool.

COGgles |ˈcägəls|
noun 2013
Dust storms kick up quite frequently at Burning Man, so participants carry goggle. Envy citizens always carry their COGgles just in case. Coggles can be purchased at your local Camp Envy Super Store.

Sony Demo Mode |sony demō mode|
noun 2013
In 2013 the usual webcam was out of service, so they installed another without any zoom capabilities. While attempting to install it on the tower on Tuesday, the camera got stuck in a demo video mode which displayed an annoying Sony ad every 10 seconds.

Coyote |kōte|
Art 2013
This large installation called Coyote by Brian Tedrick which looked like a 25ft tall Coyote. Online camp members make occasional reference to it.

Hamster Wheel |ˈhamstər||(h)wēl|
noun 2012
An art project that looked like a hamster wheel. A treadwheel set inside of a larger treadwheel that dirty hippies could walk in to get exercise. Actually called the Mayan Tricycle by Bob Marzewskis. Online camp members make occasional reference to it.

Jasper the Cat |ˈjaspər||ðē; ðə||kat|
animal 2012
Some idiot (not Kyle), brought a house cat to the playa and he escaped on the Saturday before the event opened. He was found dehydrated, but safe near the trash fence. Meow.

.cam # |kam|
camera location 2012
In 2012 Camp enyy was given a new web cam enabling users to pan it to preset locations. Anybody in chat could reposition the camera at will by typing this command. This seemed like a good idea at the time.

.cam bacon |kam||ˈbākən|
camera location 2012
Camera location of cured meat from the back or sides of a pig. A popular substance consumed while on the playa. Not vegetarian friendly.

.cam preset 42 |kam||prēˈset|42
camera location 2012
camera location of the man in 2012

Nikki |ˈnīki|
person 2012
Yet another teenager that temporarily went missing during the 2012 event (what is up with kids these days?). Reports were inaccurate causing much confusion and drama on the chat. Friends of the family posted on the chat asking for assistance in locating her. After 3 on the lamb she was found and returned home safe to her camp. Online camp members make occasional reference to her too.

Sparkle pony |ˈspärkəl||ˈpōnē|
person (all years)
A high maintenance person at the burn who is unprepared for the harsh camping environment and becomes a burden to their camp-mates. (urban dictionary)

Chat delay | ch at||diˈlā|
event 2012
a :60 second delay to post comments or camera moves, a result from evil trolls ruining it for everybody again…

FAFFFing | ?|
acronym 2012
Fucking Around For Fucking Forever

Troll |trōl|
noun (all years)
An online chatter who post political, religious or default world rants and complaints. Trolls are not liked or tolerated for long, unless they are guarding a bridge or castle.

Nutter |nəter|
Any member of Camp Envy that remembers, or worships the nut.

"No Foo FOR YOU!"
phrase 2012
Any nutter entering the .camp foo chat room in 2012 would be greeted with this phrase.

Darkwad |därkwäd|
Any person or thing on the Playa not illuminated at night. Easy to hit, or be hit by.

Deep Playa |dēp||ˈplīə|
The area of the city out beyond the Burning Man and Temple covering approximately 3 square miles. Many art installations are placed here.

Dust storms |dəst| |stôrms|
noun (all years)
Occasional playa storms that block out the camera image. A real bummer, but at least you don't have to take a shower.

Cured meat from the back or sides of a pig. A popular substance consumed while on the playa. Not vegetarian friendly.

More Bacon |môr| |ˈbākən|
Larger amounts of cured meat from the back or sides of a pig. A popular substance consumed while on the playa. Still not vegetarian friendly.

Dubstep |dəbstep|
We have no idea what this is.

Esplanade |ˈespləˌnäd; -ˌnād|
The front row of the city which has the larger theme camps of the city.

First Camp |fərst||kamp|
First Camp, located at 6:00 and Esplanade, is the location of the governing body and communication center of the event. It is the playa home of Larry Harvey and his staff. Rumor has it that first camp has large stashes of fireworks and PBR(see below). The web camera is located here, and if your lucky it pans down to reveal the secret fairies and trolls who create the dust storms.

Zoom |zoōm|
(of a camera) change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa. A request by a online chatter for the camera operator
to zoom in on a possible sighting of a friend, naked person or Kyle.

PBR |zoōm|
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. A popular beverage of dirty hippies and DPW on the playa.

radio 94.5fm
The official radio station of the event that features news, music and sleep deprived /inebriated DJs

MOM |mäm|
noun 2010
A large sculpture by Waldemar Horwat that featured large letters that spelled the word MOM
Online camp members make occasional reference to it.

group 1995-current
The group responsible for building all the major infrastructure of the event. They build the Man, trash fence, center camp
and other city service facilities. They are bad ass. Don't f*ck with the DPW. They have flame throwers.

group 1995-current
Division of Mutant Vehicles. All Vehicles wishing to drive at the event must be permitted. They must display a high level
of creativity, and they must give people rides. They are usually too full to actually give you a ride, or their owners are tired of all their friends asking for a ride to a club.

Exodus |ˈeksədəs|
The mass departure of all 70,000 citizens at once down a single lane road. Often resulting in 3-12 hour wait times. Exodus is a great time to read a book, or sit in your car and wait.

Pulsing |pəlsing|
verb 2010 - current
Exodus Pulsing is the process of releasing cars in large groups instead of one by one. This allows waiting participants time turn off their engines, saving gas and reducing emissions.

BOOM |boōm|
large explosion or flame thrower causing excitement or giggling

Safety Meeting |ˈsāftē||ˈmēti ng |
Often times during setup or tear down of art installations, artists will take short breaks with their crews. These meetings are invaluable in discussing how best to ensure the safety of all team members, and to instruct newer members on proper procedures for construction on the playa. Often times a flow chart or graph is made to show how good safety procedures can create the best working environment…. ok ok we're just messing with you. It's just a break to get high.





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